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The Science of Belief

The fact that the mind influences our health is not a new concept. Many Eastern healing traditions speak about the power of mental energy to influence the body. Western science is only just catching up, thanks in large part to Quantum Physics (thanks Einstein!). We now know that at the fundamental level everything is energy, including living cells. Using this new paradigm, we have discovered that energy, not just chemicals, are used by living cells to facilitate their basic functions. Therefore, thoughts (energy) can influence the function of cells of our bodies. How? I thought you’d never ask! To explain, I give you an introduction to particle physics and cellular biology.

The first question is why medical science is still operating under the outdated laws of Newtonian physics? Now don’t get me wrong, Newton was a brilliant guy, and we still use much of his work in many, many fields. However, the idea that it’s one or the other, quantum mechanics or newton’s laws, is a myth. Quantum mechanics embraces Newton and everything he taught us, but also explains realms Newton couldn’t even imagine.

The reason biologists adhere to the now outdated (but tidier) system of Newtonian physics is because they dislike dealing with anything intangible. If everything is energy, as QM (Quantum Mechanics) would have us believe, then things at the cellular and atomic level get very messy, and very squishy. They prefer to deal with a theory that clearly states that solid things are solid. That way, we can explain the function of cells in terms of chemical transmitters (molecules) and not energy frequencies (squishy). Not only is this less taxing on our current paradigm, but it makes treatment that much more profitable effective.

You see, even current medical science largely ignores the effects of energy vibrations on the function of living cells. They like to believe that cells operate using a manufacturing-style assembly line, were A causes B causes C causes D. If there’s an issue with B, C and D suffer, creating disease. Therefore, simply replace B and everything goes back to normal. This is why we have a plethora of designer drugs to help fix the broken pieces of our cell’s biology. By manipulating the chemical signals utilized by various cells in our bodies, Big Pharma is trying to fix a system it doesn’t even pretend to care about. What it DOES care about is dollars.

When examining the communication of cells using a QM lens, we see that the various systems cells possess to send and receive signals are dynamically interconnected. A isn’t just directly connected to B, but to C and D. Therefore, the dysfunction of the cell could be any number of possible signaling pathways. Not only that, but if you mess with B (assuming the issue was B to begin with), then you aren’t just messing with the A-B and the B-C, but also the B-D connection! Without proper respect for the complexity of the system, we can’t hope to properly diagnose, let alone treat, dysfunction.

The picture gets even more dire, I’m afraid. Aside from blatant disregard for how modifying a signaling pathway in a particular cell influences that cell’s behavior (and ability to do its job), we neglect to account for the fact that the same signaling pathway we are messing with is present in other cells in the body. This is efficiency at its best, but is problematic when that same signaling pathway can do very, very different things depending on which cell it’s in. This isn’t much of an issue for the body, because it closely regulates the secretion and utilization of the signals used by cells, ensuring that only the proper signaling pathways are activated. However, medication is spread via the blood stream to every cell in the body. This means that the intended signaling pathway in, say, the heart is modified, but so are countless other identical pathways in other parts of the body. This is one of the main reasons prescription drugs have such lengthy lists of side-effects.

Which brings me to the most shocking issue of all. Google “Top Ten Causes of Death in the United States”. Of all the scary things Americans die of every year (Heart disease, Cancer, etc), one statistic you’ll NEVER see listed is called Iatrogenic illness, or ‘illness resulting from medical treatment’. Now I feel compelled to point out that doctors, like researchers, are only human, and they are dealing with the most complex system known to our species: our own bodies. Mistakes happen, treatments of all kinds fail in some cases and not others, and I am in no way implying that all western medicine is now invalid. This is an inflammatory and overly-emotional response to real, scientific evidence that mainstream medicine refuses to accept.  The truth is iatrogenic illness killed over 300,000 people in 2003 (per the results of a 10 year study of government statistics).

Before we throw the baby out with the bath water, lets look at that statistic more closely, and really look at what is being proposed. Is it possible that doctors, who are being assured by the companies providing the drugs, are being mislead? Is it strange that the pharmaceutical companies themselves are the ones financially backing the research of their own products? Is it so small a possibility that there’s a conflict of interest that it isn’t even worth mentioning? Can we not even suggest that the system might be more effectively run? Can we really dismiss the growing body of scientific, empirical evidence demonstrating the lack of openness within the medical community to embracing new methods for treating dysfunction within the body?

In 2000, an article was published in the prestigious academic journal Nature, detailing how quantum mechanics has been able to accurately describe and predict the behavior of the signal-receptor proteins responsible for all cellular activity in the human body, a feat that has, up until now, been impossible using Newtonian physics. Even though that ground-breaking discovery was made over (now) 13 years ago, you won’t find a single mention of it in standard biology textbooks. Why not? Signaling proteins are the very mechanism by which your body’s cells know how to function! Why wouldn’t medical science adopt this new, powerful paradigm?

One very compelling theory is that quantum mechanics derails the whole system of molecule-based signaling. Hundreds upon hundreds of articles have detailed the effect of electromagnetic energy on the behavior of cells. With new scanners, we’ve been able to discover, test, and confirm that energy frequencies of various kinds are naturally used in such cellular functions as:

  • DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis
  • The alteration of protein shape and function (signal-pathways, among other functions)
  • Gene regulation
  • Cell division, cell differentiation, and morphogenesis (the process by which cells assemble into organs and tissues)
  • Hormone Secretion
  • Nerve growth and function

The foundation for this understanding comes directly from quantum mechanics, which (in lay terms) says that all matter is energy, and that energy has frequencies. At the core of everything we think of as solid, we find nothing more than a swirling mass of subatomic particles in an energy field. The wonderful thing is that every energy field has a distinct energy signature, or frequency. Using sophisticated scanners, we can hone in on the exact frequency of almost any substance in the body. This means that we can accurately detect (and duplicate) the exact frequencies of almost any signaling-pathway in any cell in the body.

You see where this is going? Energy frequencies are built in to the signaling pathways utilized by the cells of our bodies. Some studies estimate that energy frequencies are 100 times more effective at transmitting data between cells than chemical signals. We currently have the technology to scan for, and duplicate, these frequencies, and administer them in a localized fashion that is currently impossible by modern prescription drugs. Yet for some strange reason, nobody seems interested in funding the research necessary to bring these technologies into regular practice! I can’t imagine why. Except that they could potentially render chemical-based drugs virtually obsolete.  Imagine an energy-based therapy that minimizes dangerous side-effects, drug interactions, mis-diagnosis, and allergies. Too bad Western medicine has finally found out what Eastern traditions have known for thousands of years, and they refuse to accept it.

So this is all well and good. Cells respond to energy frequencies, prescription drugs aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, and chances are pretty good the politics and economics of ‘medicine’ aren’t going to change any time soon. What does this have to do with beliefs?

I’m so glad you asked! Let me bring us full circle.

In the cellular hierarchy of the body, those of the nervous system are king. This means that the brain has been given the power to override the behavior of a cell using very specific, very powerful signals. One of the primary means of doing so is the HPA axis (Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal). This lovely system is responsible for what we lay people call the ‘fight or flight’ response. It allows us to respond to dangerous and threatening situations and increase our chances of survival. This is fantastic when we are confronted with a mugger in a dark alley, a lion in the savanna, or a car hurdling toward us. However, this system can have difficulty differentiating between real threats, and perceived threats.

The threat of an oncoming car is obvious, while the threat of, say, a public speaking engagement is more subtle, but the body’s response is exactly the same. The perception of a threat by the hypothalamus starts the system in motion, and pretty soon you’re flooded with adrenaline. Now this doesn’t seem all THAT bad, except when you find out exactly what this signal does to your body:

  • Constricts blood vessels in your digestive system, diverting blood flow to the arms and legs
  • Constricts blood vessels leading to the pre-frontal and frontal cortex, home to rational cognitive thought
  • Heightens reflexive behavior in the hind-portion of the brain
  • Dampens the energy-intensive immune system

So essentially you become an energized, reflexive, stupid, immune-compromised ball of crazy. If you were fighting a lion, this would be great! Your arms and legs become more powerful, your (much faster) reflexive hindbrain allows you to make lightning-fast decisions, and the most energy-intensive portions of your biological system are temporarily suspended giving you access to an incredible amount of previously unavailable energy. No wonder we’ve survived so long.

So the problem isn’t that the system exists, or that it has the power to completely override the functions of almost every other system in the body. The problem manifests when it never shuts off. Many different triggers, strung together throughout the day, can cause an HPA response that can last for hours. Relationships, work, socializing, watching the news, can all activate this powerful survival mechanism unnecessarily. How does becoming a raging ball of crazy help you give a more effective presentation at work, or take a test, or have a difficult talk with a friend? It doesn’t! In fact, by shutting down your prefrontal cortex it actually makes all of those tasks more difficult. This is why stress is so bad for you! You are literally shutting down the system by which your body takes in the nutrients it needs to function properly, and the system by which it protects itself from bacteria, viruses and other biological disease, not to mention reducing your ability to think rationally or even voluntarily. Talk about a knock-out combination!

A study published in 2000 found that between 70 and 90% of all primary-care physician visits had stress as a major contributing factor. Considering the fact that stress reduces your ability to properly process neutrients and dampens your immune system, it seems obvious. Yet how many of these doctors prescribe meditation? Yoga? Playing with your grandchildren? None! Instead they tell you that you have psychological issues, give you a pill and send you down a never-ending path of chemical treatments for something that wasn’t ever really broken in the first place.

Speaking of psychological issues, a study published in the journal Science in 2003 found that in chronically depressed patients, nearly all of them had atrophied (shrunken due to lack of nourishment) hippocampus (related to memory) and prefrontal cortexes! Now that we know how the HPA axis behaves, what could possibly have resulted in the prefrontal cortex being denied the nutrients it needs to function properly? Looks like long-term stress can cause more than just high blood pressure.

The silver lining in all of this? Your thoughts control your brain which controls your cells. Your perceptions (beliefs) about a situation determine whether your hypothalamus interprets it as a threat or not. No threat means no HPA response, which means your body gets to continue doing what it does naturally, which is keep you healthy. Changing your perceptions can literally save your life.

Think for a moment about how much stress (threat) you experience in a given week. Now that you know what that kind of thinking does to your body, to your health, don’t you owe it to yourself to start doing something about it? So consider this a prescription for more meditation, relaxing walks, laughter, and time with loved ones. Your cells will thank you.

A note, for those that are interested in pursuing this information further! The majority of the information I presented here was taken from a book called “The Biology of Belief” by Bruce H. Lipton, PhD. I omitted the references to the specific studies because they’re bulky and you almost need a PhD to understand them, but he lists them all in his book. Credit to where credit is due!


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