My Path to Lucid Living

Honoring every experience as an opportunity for learning and growth.

The Source of Preference

Everyone has preferences. We all like certain foods, activities, personalities, and body types. Comparing ‘favorites’ remains one of the most popular first date conversations for this very reason. We strongly … Continue reading

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Thinking Beyond our Singular Identities

If I were to tell you that you have multiple identities, you’d probably think that I was insinuating you had some kind of mental disorder. The fact of the matter … Continue reading

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Our Deepest Fear…

      Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that … Continue reading

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Restructuring Beliefs

From the time we are born, the human mind is a sponge. A process referred to as ‘socialization’ describes the means by which humans, as children, acquire the foundations of … Continue reading

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The Science of Belief

The fact that the mind influences our health is not a new concept. Many Eastern healing traditions speak about the power of mental energy to influence the body. Western science … Continue reading

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Make You Happy

Originally posted on Endless Light and Love:
This is fantastic, made me smile so much, it really made my day 🙂 Namaste Mark

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The Facts about Lucid Dreaming

When my professor told us at the beginning of Winter quarter that we would be studying dreams, I wasn’t sure what to think. We focused on the book “Our Dreaming … Continue reading

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